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Customer Testimonials

What The Fulfillment Company's Clients Have to Say....

"My first impression was all I needed! I contacted many fulfillment companies and TFC was at the top of my list after talking with Debra. She treated me as though I was already a part of the TFC family and then when we made a commitment to TFC the experience just got better. Tucker helped me transition our products and processes so we could concentrate on our mission and he could do his! I believe the whole team at TFC goes above and beyond and actually loves what they do! I look at TFC as an extension of our company and they are an integral part of how we are going to continue to grow and expand our influences both in the USA and Internationally! TFC will do more than just fulfill your orders they will grow your company and add a level of professionalism that is needed regardless of your size or budget! I would recommend them to any size company!"

- Todd G., Director of Operations & Development

"I am an owner of a start up company and I had searched for a reputable fulfillment company that I could trust with my inventory and that could take care of our shipping at a realistic price point.  I had asked for so many recommendations and contacted all of them. What I found was very disappointing and over whelming, their contracts were so complicated, costly and more importantly they would not accommodate to a start up company.  Some how I found out about The Fulfillment company, there are exactly what I was looking for, reputable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, accommodating, great service and most importantly great people.  I truly appreciate our partnership with The Fulfillment Company."

- Farima, Owner of LA CC

"TFC has been a great advantage for the Alex & Me Company with their speed and accuracy of fulfilling our orders.  They care about their work to the point that we really consider them a part of our company!"

- Adam Perl, Owner Alex and Me Company

"Client service at its best! Great communication and follow-up. They take time to understand the business which enables them to anticipate some of our needs and proactively offer suggestions for solutions or alternative ways of doing things. You can trust that the job is getting done on time and exceeds your expectations. Tucker, Dana and Debra and the rest of the team are all fantastic to work with and feel more like family than a vendor."

- Tara Artibani, Pepsi-Cola marketing

"TFC has been a great company to work with; PORTOPONG needed a warehouse and fulfillment company capable to handle our growth needs. The ability of the TFC staff to take our customers orders and turn them around with a clear channel of communication throughout the entire process has made the difference for our teams growth."

 - Jerry Piscitelli – Portopong

“When I started searching for a fulfillment company to handle my website orders, The Fulfillment Company was one of the first places I contacted, and once I spoke with Tucker, I knew it was the last place I needed to contact.  Right from the start I could tell that TFC was large enough and had enough experience to handle my volume, but small enough to be able to work with me and customize a solution for my unique business.  My inventory is very different from most of their clients - I have over 2,500 unique products and only keep 1-2 of each in stock at a time, as opposed to many clients with just 50-100 unique products and many of each in stock.  Because my inventory was so different, it would have been easy for TFC to turn me away because I didn't fit their mold.  Instead, they embraced the challenge, and worked with me to build a completely customized solution from inventory storage to order processing.  Now they have allowed me to focus on growing my business while they handle shipping and receiving in a far more efficient and cost effective manner than I ever could.”

- Scott Luchetti, Owner Airline Museum

"I have a small business & have been working with The Fulfillment Company for close to 10 years now. The service and attention that I get from the staff at TFC makes me feel like I am their only client! Every job – be it large or small – is handled with a smile and a sense of humor. They are just such a pleasure to work with.

My inventory consists of hundreds of items, and I ship to retail accounts that have detailed handling requirements. TFC manages all orders, regardless of the size or level of complication, with speed, efficiency and accuracy. In the gift industry, retailers are only happy to issue charge backs for shipping infringements. I have never been assessed with any penalties due to the meticulous attention to detail that TFC gives to each and every order.

Our reputation and credibility with our customers is solid due to an exemplary shipping record. TFC is an integral extension of my business, and by completely eliminating the burden of shipping logistics, their partnership has enabled me to take my company to the next level."

- Nicole Sheinholz, Owner & President

"The Fulfillment Company has been a trusted partner of mine for the past 15 years. On top of being some really nice people to work with, they’re a detail oriented, experienced team who know their business inside and out. They’re the fulfillment group you call when you have no room for error (which is always)."

- Christine Hunnihan, Director, Black Diamond Media

"I have used The Fulfillment Company many times over the years.  They have come through for me every time.  Some of the deadlines were very tight, but they never complained, they just delivered on time and exactly as promised.  In a hectic and sometimes uncertain business environment, it’s great to know that I can always count on the Fulfillment Company to make me and my clients look good."

Peter Gorin, President Angora Promotions

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