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Daily Orders Pick and Pack

TFC offers pick and pack services for all types of fulfillment, large or small monthly volume or just starting out.

Your orders are always picked and then checked and packed by a separate employee to insure high pick pack accuracy. All inventory items are set up in our inventory / order management system and given a unique “Picking Bin ID”. These Picking Bin IDs help us organize your inventory by program for efficient picking. Overstock is stored above the bin area and clearly marked with the Picking Bin ID for easy reload. Your inventory is stored in TFC designed “draw boxes” that not only allow quick access to products to be shipped, but also ensures that they are dust free.

Orders arriving before 1pm EST ship the same day, (though if we can we ship we will.) Rush services are always available if the shipping carriers have not yet arrived.

Packing is just as important as picking. Your items will be packed to arrive in the condition they should. We pack efficiently and as lightly as possible, saving you on shipping costs.

Our pick and pack services include but not limited to:

  • Business to Consumer
  • Business to Business
  • E-commerce
  • eBay and other auction sites
  • Corporate Catalogs

Other services that complement our pick and pack:

  • Custom kitting of promotional materials, see Custom Kitting
  • Gift basket packing
  • Custom label application
  • Package and assembly, see Packaging and Assembly
  • Heat Sealing
  • ... and much more

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