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Case Study: The Fulfillment Company Uses Pro-Mail® to Serve Its Clients

The Challenge:

In early 2008, client Pepsi Cola asked The Fulfillment Company (TFC) to consider ways for their products to be ordered via an online system that would communicate with TFC’s inventory and order management system. Unfortunately, TFC’s system was not easily customizable, and it had been eight years since an update had been purchased. Furthermore, TFC’s servers and work stations were more than 10 years old.

“Pepsi came to us and asked if we could create an online system that would distribute the Innovations products we ship for them,” Owner Tucker Roveto says. “The system should be secure, including a user login and password, especially since these products are brand new and not in the market yet. They wanted the users to log on and choose the sample products al la carte, allowing them to choose their own amounts.”

Before this request, Pepsi’s products were distributed by communicating an order form needing to be completed by hand and faxed to TFC. It would the need to be entered into TFC’s system to generate packing slips. The order forms only allowed the ordering of a set amount (6 per unit). Also the system needed to collect additional information.

The Solution:

To meet Pepsi’s request, TFC installed Pro-Mail® software in March 2008. In late May, TFC converted and launched using Pro-Mail, giving its largest client, Pepsi Cola Innovations, the solution it needed.

“Being our customer means being part of our family,” Tucker says. Each of us at TFC takes great pride in and care for their roles here. We are a proactive group always looking for ways to improve what we do for our clients while always providing a high level of customer service. We think of ourselves as their partners and work towards their success, making them look good in their client’s eyes. Therefore, when Pepsi Cola Innovations came to us with their request, we moved a year earlier than planned to upgrade our systems.”

Pro-Mail made it possible for TFC to meet and exceed Pepsi Innovation’s request, and as a result, TFC has become integral to Pepsi fulfillment needs... Pro-Mail had to make changes to accommodate the billing code. Each location is assigned a billing code and is invoiced for the product and shipping costs when ordering new product samples, which mostly come from the Pepsi Cola bottlers who make and distribute the products for their surrounding areas.

With the installation of Pro-Mail and the new upgrades, TFC’s services are now tied to strong computer technology that allows our clients options for running their business. Additionally, the new system allows clients greater control. In addition to Pepsi Innovations, the switch to Pro-Mail has benefited some of our other clients very well. Specifically by allowing them the ability to log on and see their inventory levels or get tracking information for current orders. Also we are helping another client increase their online sales activity by integrating their site with the Pro-Mail shopping cart.

The Results:

“We needed a system that allowed the world outside access to their inventory, control over ordering and access to all types of information including tracking numbers for outbound orders,” Roveto says. “We wanted something that would work for a variety of clients, small and large, and allowed for each client to have the flexibility to meet their needs. We wanted to be able to impress new clients with all these things to help us win their business. We wanted to look like we truly we up with the times. Pro-Mail does all this.”

Pro-Mail offers TFC’s clients online capabilities that meet their client’s needs. It offers the ability for their clients to login and track orders or review their inventory 24/7 as well as a level of customization, such as being able to add our clients logos to the packing slips.

“We are about solutions,” Denise Lunden, President, Software Marketing Associates, says. “Each and every day our focus is on our client’s success. We understand the dynamic nature of the fulfillment and direct mail industries. To this end we continually enhance our software products and provide superior customer service. We have the tools to help clients such as TFC to grow their business while providing the level of service they expect at an affordable price.”

In addition to the features that Pro-Mail added to TFC’s fulfillment capabilities and services, Pro-Mail freed-up employee time and has already allowed TFC to add clients without having to add employees.

“Pro-Mail adds an element of sophisticated technology that helps attract new business.” Roveto says. “We can process more orders now with fewer employees, and our clients see savings when they take advantage of entering their own orders.”

Company: Software Marketing Associates, Inc. in Rocky Hill, CT

Contact: Denise Lunden, President 

Industry: The pro-mail® system is designed specifically for organizations that provide direct marketing and fulfillment services.

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